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9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2012
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11. Related Party

Beginning in 2012, Scott S. Ingraham began serving on our board of directors. He is an investor in Zuma Capital Greenville LLC (“ZCG”), which is a minority member of the parent entity of the entities from which we acquired certain assets relating to the LevelOne business in November 2010. Pursuant to the LevelOne acquisition agreement, we held back a portion of the purchase price for a period of time in order to ensure payment for any claims that arose post-acquisition, which amount, net of claims and adjustments, was paid in May 2012. ZCG’s interest in this pay-out, based on its ownership percentage of such parent entity, was $0.5 million and Mr. Ingraham’s interest in this pay-out, was approximately $0.2 million. Mr. Ingraham also serves on the Board of Trust Managers of Camden Property Trust, one of our larger customers.